Twice Bitten

Hi, all! Fellow author and editor R.G. Emanuelle stopped by with some info about her gothic paranormal novel, Twice Bitten. Below you’ll find a bunch of info about it and about R.G.

And, as you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up and nothing says love like that of the obsessed undead.

So take a little stroll through, read an excerpt, and have some fun.

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Abe Lincoln and alt-history

Okay, so I went to see The Hunger Games this weekend. I’ve read the trilogy (which I really enjoyed), but the movie could only do so much in 2.5 hours. A lot of the characters got short-changed, I felt, and the movie didn’t capture what I’ve been calling the utter banality and brutality of the Capitol. But again, there’s only so much you can do with a 2.5-hour movie. The cast was great, and I enjoyed the pacing of it, so there you go.

ANYWAY, my point is, I was sitting in the theater getting ready for The Hunger Games and the previews came on, including. . .

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

For reals, yo. And it freaking looks like it’s going to kick some serious ass. Check out the trailer:


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