Zombie Walks, Crawls, Events for Halloween

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Okay, ’tis the season, friends! HALLOWEEN! Some communities around the U.S. are doing zombie walks in honor of this occasion (though zombie walks do occur at other times of the year, too). And others are doing zombie apocalypse meetups. Wanna see if there’s a community near you doing one? Here you go.

Here’s the official 2011 Halloween Zombie Apocalypse event site.

And here they are on Facebook.

The zombie apocalypse stuff is pretty involved, but it looks like a heck of a good time. Basically, you’re planning an entire zombie end-of-the-world in your community. A worldwide zombie-ish outbreak. The top 8 apocalypse teams will then go on to compete in an international competition (that is, who’s the best at making a realistic zombie apocalypse).

And you might get a kick out of the sponsor’s link, “Adrian’s Undead Diary.” Some good readin’ stuff there.

Here’s the schedule for the proposed zombie outbreak:
Day 1: Zombie Outbreak (October 29th)
Day 2: Survival of the Fittest (October 30th)
Day 3: Fight to the End (Halloween)
LINK for that info

If that’s far too complicated, then you can check to see if there’s a zombie walk going on in your city/town. That’s basically what it says. People dressed like zombies lurching down the street on a set route. Sometimes the walk benefits a charity. I heard of a walk scheduled this year in one community that would like participants to bring a can of food to the start of the walk. That food will then go to local food banks.

Here’s a good place to find some info about communities with scheduled zombie crawls/walks as Halloween approaches. It’s called Crawl of the Dead.

All right, friends. If I find more info, I’ll post it here. And do keep your eyes on the planning for the worldwide zombie apocalypse. That could be pretty freaky and freaky cool.

Happy Saturday!