Writer, market thyself! And oh, yeah, lots of other stuff!

Hi, kids. I fell across fellow writer Chuck Wendig’s blog “Troubled Minds” via Twitter and this particular entry he did is SO true. It’s about all the hats writers have to wear in order to make it in this business. Which bites giant yang, but there it is. Here. Check it out for yourself.

Wanna write professionally? Then get your super toolkit ready. Zombie-killers don’t just rely on one weapon, after all. So you need your edit-skillz, bizness skillz, tech skillz for the networking, speakin’ skillz, and oh, yeah, mad writing skillz.

Like Chuck says, writers don’t just write. Bummer, I know. But there it is. Un-sugarcoated, baby! The real deal! Writers have to do stuff besides writing. So start working on that toolkit.

2 thoughts on “Writer, market thyself! And oh, yeah, lots of other stuff!

  1. Awesome idea. I think I’ll put up a blog or something that has all of my books on it, too! 🙂 Wish UNM actually marketed my book beyond the first month it was out. . . .

    • In this biz, girlfriend, writers are not only writers. They’re editors, publishers, public relations gurus, tech fiends, and media hounds. That’s why I tell unpublished writers to get familiar with the publishing industry before they even consider sending a book out for consideration. They need to really familiarize themselves with learning how to think of not just their own books as a product, but of themselves as a product. And they have to really think about how to reach the audience. Because publishers just aren’t going to do it for you anymore. Which bites, but that’s how it it. That said, thanks for visiting my new digs!

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