Writer, market thyself! And oh, yeah, lots of other stuff!

Hi, kids. I fell across fellow writer Chuck Wendig’s blog “Troubled Minds” via Twitter and this particular entry he did is SO true. It’s about all the hats writers have to wear in order to make it in this business. Which bites giant yang, but there it is. Here. Check it out for yourself.

Wanna write professionally? Then get your super toolkit ready. Zombie-killers don’t just rely on one weapon, after all. So you need your edit-skillz, bizness skillz, tech skillz for the networking, speakin’ skillz, and oh, yeah, mad writing skillz.

Like Chuck says, writers don’t just write. Bummer, I know. But there it is. Un-sugarcoated, baby! The real deal! Writers have to do stuff besides writing. So start working on that toolkit.