Yet another zombie apocalypse tip!

Whew! Just put my zombie-free lasagna in the oven and I’m ready to provide what I hope is another useful tip for you and yours should the ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) occur on our watch.

So I watched the third installment of Resident Evil with our hot-ass zombie killer, “Alice” (Milla Jovovich). That one was called Extinction. Not my fave of the series, but what I like about it overall is that Jovovich’s character kicks serious ass, whether it’s zombie or non-zombie.

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Usually, the trope is, woman MC is a bad ass until she trips and falls while doing bad-ass stuff. And then the guy has to save her. Not Alice. I had complete confidence in her abilities to hold her own, but the zombies were freakin’ scary, so I figured there’d be an awesome fight, which gave the plot tension. Sure, Alice is competent. But can she hold off these super scary zombies?

And in this one, at least, I didn’t see any gratuitous sexist remarks, which usually happens in flicks like this. The bad guy makes some crack about the woman MC and then, of course, she has to prove him wrong and yadda yadda yadda.

Same goes for Ali Larter’s character, Claire, who’s the leader of the survivor caravan in this flick. She was totally in charge, and none of the guys questioned it. They all went about their business doing what had to be done, and nobody ever made any issues about a woman in charge. Refreshing.

Anyway, this week’s tip is something that was really drilled home in Extinction. Alice’s voiceover in the beginning even tells you: KEEP MOVING. Claire’s convoy: KEEP MOVING. If you don’t, and as you see in the movie, the undead are drawn to you like freakin’ moths to flames. The longer you stay in one place, the greater the chances of zombies finding you. And remember, zombies just keep on keepin’ on until you put ’em down. And when they spot prey, that’s it. They’re honed in on it. So if you’re hunkered down in one spot, and they find you, they WILL NOT LEAVE. So keep moving. And I don’t think you need a visual for that.

At least at the outset, keep moving. Next time, we’ll talk about options within that keep moving rubric. Until then, stay alert, stay armed!

Happy weekend!

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