Excerpt (and yeah, some zombie-related stuff)

Hi, peeps–

Yesterday I posted an excerpt from a work in progress over at my other hangout, Women and Words. It’s the third chapter of a F/F romance I’m working on (WHUUUUUT? Andi writes novel-length romance??? Dunno yet–giving it a try). You’ll also find links at that post to the first 2 chapters, so have no fear, I’m not forcing you to hunt for ’em! So go on and clickie that linkie up there to have a looksee, if you’re in the mood.

Moving along…

Howsabout some post-apocalyptic vehicles? The only problem I can foresee here is fuel, but perhaps some intrepid inventor somewhere is working on getting one of these up and running on something other than fuel.

Check ’em out at Jalopnik. 10 vehicles for your perusal.

I’m kind of digging the MaxiMog:


Although the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle is the shizzle, too. Did you see the movie Stripes? If not, get it. You’ll see the EM-50 in action.


These vehicles are “post-apocalyptic,” which could be any kind of apocalypse, including zombies. And yes, the link mentions zombies, so clearly, some of these vehicles can help with that, if you’re fortunate enough to have one and if fuel isn’t that big a deal acquiring.

All rightie, happy reading, happy writing, happy Saturday!

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