Sunday and the reading’s kinda fun

Hey, all–

FIRST! Check out this podcast of me chatting with the awesome folks over at the Bar Rag. WOOO!

Okay. Moving along.

As some of you may have already ascertained, I’m one of those weird apocalyptic types how is endlessly fascinated by human interaction with various end-of-the-world or natural disaster scenarios.

So thank the stars for Outside Magazine, which seems to have picked up on my weirdness and offered this piece on how to at least try to survive various disaster scenarios. No tips on zombies, but that’s okay. These might be far more relevant.

So here you go. Outside’s “The Apocalypse Handbook.” It includes survivors’ accounts of things that have happened (and they’re not always pretty).

Some of you may live in areas that these scenarios affect. Might be a good idea to get your survival kit ready and know what to do if something scary happens.

Happy reading!

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