Another Round of Ask Me Anything!

Hi, kids!

So yesterday I was drinking a beer (Sam Adams Nitro Coffee Stout, if you must know) and decided I should do an “Ask Me Anything,” which I hadn’t done for a while. So I put out a call on Facebook and here is what we have:

Heather B asked a veritable cornucopia o’ questions: Are you as cheeky as your socks? Is Andi short for anything, and if so, what? Is Andi Marquette a pseudonym? Light or dark beer?

Let’s see.
1. I am far cheekier than my socks could ever be, though they continue to aspire to such awesome.
2. Technically, “Andi” is short for “Andrea” and yes, some people do call me that. But only because I granted them special dispensation.
3. My actual name is Hortense Periwinkle Santanafrass. Wouldn’t YOU prefer “Andi Marquette”?
4. Yes.

Ann M asked: Why beer and not whisky? But also what kind of non fiction books do you like to read?

1. I was drinking this beer in the afternoon. Whiskey is an evening beverage, to be savored as a nightcap.

'Tis time for an evening nightcap.
‘Tis time for an evening nightcap.

2. I read nonfiction all the time. It’s probably the most common thing I do read. I like travel accounts, history, books that address social justice, sociology, anthropology, and forensics/criminalistics. One of the books currently on my nightstand is Judy Melinek’s memoir (with T.J. Mitchell), Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner. I also strongly recommend that everybody read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

Ann M also asked: Do you believe people get more conservative as they get older?

I don’t know. Anecdotally, it seems dudes become more conservative and women become more progressive. But I think everybody becomes conservative about some things. I’m no longer interested in drag racing down lonely roads, for example. I also don’t play rugby anymore and I don’t really want to. And I’m more focused on things like investments and retirement, which is way more conservative with regard to financial things than I was when I was in my early 20s. So I think in some regards, we all become a bit more conservative. In terms of political ideology…dunno.

Karen R asked: Which of your characters would you hang out with, which one would you date, which one would you snub and why?

I would totally hang out with Ellie in my latest, If Looks Could Kill. She’s the ultimate kind-hearted snarkfest, but really smart and really driven. Plus, I know for a fact she drinks whiskey. Actually, most of my characters I would hang out with. And in some cases, I already have. I’ve hung out with K.C., Sage, Chris, and Dayna from my mystery series, for example. They’re a lot of fun.

Meg and Gina from my two-parter, From the Boots Up (novella) and From the Hat Down would also be lots of fun. The crew from my space opera series would kick ass: Torri, Kai, Jindor, Jann, and Saryl. As well as the various beings they encounter. And there are myriad characters in my short stories that would be way fun.

Point being, I pretty much dig most of my characters. Even the baddies, in their own way. Along those lines — I would not want to hang out with Chaz from my mystery State of Denial. He has WAY too many issues.

Date? Eeew. No. No, no, no. I would not want to date any of my characters. That’s kind of creepy. We’ve spent far too much time together and we’re more like family than anything else.

Gena R asks: What’s your favorite style of hat? Ball cap, fedora, pork pie, pancake, derby, top, cowboy or you name it?

One of Andi's bad-hair-day hats
One of Andi’s bad-hair-day hats

I don’t actually wear hats all that often. When I’m having a bad hair day or I’m at home, it’ll probably be a baseball cap with a minor league baseball team on it or some other weird thing that nobody knows about. I do have a Seattle Seahawks ball cap and I like that one. But I don’t wear it that often. I also have a battered Kenny Chesney-looking hat that I wear if I have to be out in the sun for a while. So I’ll wear a cowboy hat if I’m doing something like that. In other words, the hat has to serve a purpose. I used to wear hats quite a bit, but I don’t anymore. Too much work AND they can mess up my hair! LOLOLOL

Jeanne D V asks: Is there a novel you’ve been working on but never quite been able to finish? If not, which of your books has been the hardest to write and why?

1. Not really. There are novels I have not yet STARTED, but I will when it’s time. I have several works in progress that are sort of languishing, but all in good time. I don’t really sweat stuff like that. If it’s meant for me to write it, I’ll write it. If not, I’ll write something else.

2. From the Hat Down was the hardest to write. I actually wrote that one SO MANY times, all the way through. The finished product is very different than what the original was, and it was the biggest pain in the ass to write. Part of it was because I wanted to make sure that it was a worthy follow-up to From the Boots Up, which has a special place in my heart. And how the hell do you follow that? This will give you the origin stories of both Boots and Hat, and therein, I talk about how writing From the Hat Down was a major pain.

Lindsay H asks: Do you have a favorite sub genre in lesfic that you prefer to read? I really like sci-fi! Whic do you like best Star Wars or Star Trek?

1. I actually read all kinds of things, across the spectrum. I don’t have faves, because I’m interested in so many things. šŸ˜€

2. I am a spec fic freak. I have a space opera series that I’m working desperately to get back on the market and yes, I am working on more books in that series. Some may not realize that I am also an editor at the spec fic ezine Luna Station Quarterly, which is so cool because I get to read all kinds of spec fic and help decide what they publish.

Also, There is no way to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek because both are iconic in their own ways, and deserve as much fangirling as possible.

Ann E asks: What are some of your favorite lines from your own books? Any sentences you would really like to change if you got the chance?

Yikes. I have several novellas out, over 10 novels, and probably a dozen short stories. I’ve also co-edited 2 anthologies and I have several WIP on my hard drive. There are lines that I think are “good” and dialogue that I think is “good,” but I’m probably not the best judge, since I put a lot of effort into this writing thing, and I’m probably way biased. I prefer to let readers choose their fave lines and then we can chat about them. šŸ™‚

My philosophy about books is thus: everything I publish is a draft. That means, the draft that’s published is the best possible AT THAT TIME in my evolution as a writer. Six months down the line, a year, two years…yes, I will look back at those works and think that I could have done them better, or differently. But they’re markers in my journey as a writer, and I don’t hide them or block them out. They demonstrate where I was at that time in my life and my writing career, and the level at which my craft was operating. So yes, there are always things I think I could have done differently or better. But instead, I focus on my current works-in-progress and doing the things that I wish I had done before I learned how to do them. This is a journey for me, as much as a goal.

Sheryl P asks: Now that you’ve been bitten by the fanfic bug, do you have any plans to write for any other tv shows?

Actually, no. No other plans. I have to be motivated — REALLY motivated — and Lexa’s death and the way it was handled in The 100 were serious motivating factors. Someone asked me why I wasn’t writing Wynonna Earp fanfic and I said, “Because the ship I wanted to happen is happening. I’m happy about it and don’t feel I could add anything.”

Andi's fanfic project
Andi’s fanfic project

Fanfic, for me, helps address something awful like Lexa’s death, and helps create an alternate reality for me and others who might be interested in alleviating the awful. Or it might address something missing. At the moment, I’m focused on finishing this Clexa fanfic, which will probably come in around 175,000 words (if you were to buy a novel, that would be about 450 pages), and then I have a lot of other projects to deal with, so I’m probably going to back burner the fanfic for a while. But I’m having a lot of fun with it right now. šŸ™‚

ALL RIGHTIE! That wraps it up! THANKS, everybody, for playing along! May your day be festive (even though it’s not even the holiday season).

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  1. Great answers, Andi, thanks for the opportunity to delve into your psyche… coincidentally I had downloaded a sample of the Jim Crow book on to my kindle as I’m trying to understand the background and sociology of the ‘black lives matter’ campaign and this seemed a good place to start. I’ve also got a book on the murder of Emmett Till which I haven’t read yet and Freedom Summer by Bruce Watson…

    I really like your answer about things you’d change in your books. I think that’s one of the hardest parts of writing – knowing when to stop, and I love that your book is the best possible ‘at that time’ – I’m going to adopt that ethos. But since I’m nowhere near being published yet, I can polish my manuscript just a little bit more…

      • Yeah and I’m lucky enough to be on the GCLS Writing Academy this year… it’s helping me stop seeking perfection all the time cos I know I ain’t gonna find it!! I’m going for best possible. ..

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a wide range of subjects. You always make me smile and that is not a bad way to start a Monday! Have a great week.

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