Wynonna Earp Recap 2.06: “Whiskey Lullaby,” or the kids are probably gonna be all right



This…holy shit.

I thought last week’s episode was off the damn chain. This one, though. THIS ONE. Jesus, Andras. This is why #Fandras is a thing, no matter how you slice it. Because with writing like this…holy crackamoli.

This is such a powerful women-centric episode. And all the ways the relationships intertwine not just between the women, but the men in their lives. It was so beautifully done. I’m…wow. Just wow.

So let’s jump in.

If you missed last week, I’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t seen it yet,


If you recall, Waverly took the goo back from Wynonna, which allowed our snark-slinging heir to get clue and some demon elixir and cast the evil out of Waverly (okay, so Waves puked it out in a spectacular hurl that makes me feel so bad for her) so she could then shoot it and send it back to whatever tentacle hell it came from. And, of course, last week’s BIG REVEAL in which the last scene was Wynonna with a pregnancy test that of course is not what she wants to see, that YES there.

We also lost Lucado (who saved us all from Goocado; I’m still of the mind that the goo does not want its host to die, so I’m going to keep thinking that Lucado did the noble thing here) and Nicole got a uniform that is so full of Haughtness that the entire Earpdom collectively swooned and set off tremors across Twitter.

So that’s where we were left, is with this knowledge that Wynonna is pregnant. We’re not entirely sure who the daddy is, but I’m leaning Doc. But this is Emily Andras, so who the hell knows.

Episode 6 opens in a dark alley behind a parking garage/apartment complex with Agent Moody (Lucado’s [RIP] boss from 2.01) thinking he’s all sneaking up on Dolls and he’s all, “you didn’t cover your ass” and then we hear Doc saying “don’t talk about my partner’s ass” and I of course laughed out loud at that. Moody is all, “Mr. Holliday. It’s good to see you” and Doc is all, “Would return the sentiment…except I hate you.” I so love Tim Rozon’s portrayal of Doc.

Anyway, the upshot of this scene is that Black Badge/Ghost River Triangle is shut down apparently because the Triangle is too outta control and they’re cutting their losses and that Dolls better think about leaving. So Dolls and Co. don’t have a landing place, but Dolls tells Moody he’s not leaving because he hasn’t completed his mission. So Moody hands him a file and tells him it’s all he can give him.

I keep waiting for the Smoking Man to appear…#thetruthisoutthere

AND we find out that Black Badge isn’t a government agency and it NEVER WAS. *cue creepy music*

Doc opens the file up and there’s a drawing of one of the widows and his line is, “Well, don’t you look pretty as a plague.” Which totally sums up the widows.

And speaking of the widows, the next scene takes us to a church where one of them — former Beth — is trying to find something. Where is it, she says in her “goddammit, people” voice when a priest shows up and for whatever reason, he doesn’t seem to think that this woman clothed entirely in a black Victorian dress is anything strange (well, it IS Purgatory, so…) with a weird demon-ish voice. Instead, he tells her that she can’t be in this area (bad move) so she grabs him and ends up knocking him to the floor. “Waste not, want not,” she says and she chows down on him.

Not a fan of the widows.

We pop over to the Earpstead where Wynonna and Waverly are leaving the barn, Waves with a box full of all the silver things she took as Gooverly. Knowing Waves, she’ll no doubt return it to all the rightful owners with kind notes and Amazon gift cards — except for Tucker’s bracelet. That guy can suck on losing it. An awkward convo ensues about the elephant in the room (or child in the womb, whichever) and Wynonna is clearly not wanting to deal with this, so she deflects with a classic Wynonna line: “My one boss just got her head blown off and my other boss is a lizard. Or tiny, super sexy dragon…who knows?” And then there’s always the damn demons. She says she cannot deal with the pregnancy stuff right now. She just can’t. Waves backs off a little and then Wynonna says, “Glad you’re not possessed by a tentacle anymore.” To which Waves responds, “yeah, me too.”


The ol’ “glad you’re not possessed by a tentacle anymore” sister talk.

And off Wynonna goes toward the truck but she yells SHIT because she has to pee again. LOL

Then we jet on over to Nedley Central where Wynonna is trying to butter Nicole up and begs her for a case to investigate. I’m guessing this is more of Wynonna’s avoidance of the issues tactic. As long as she has something to do, she won’t have to think about the other stuff. You know. The preggers thing. Doc as possible father. Like that. Speaking of Nicole, that new uniform, tho…


Nicole is the epitome of patience with Wynonna, and then fortunately Waverly comes in with a cup of something for Wynonna, which is some kind of herbal tea that obviously does not go over well with our black coffee swillin’ heroine. Nicole asks Waves to please get Wynonna out of there and then to come back because she’s off in ten minutes and Wynonna is all, “eww…you guys make ‘The Notebook’ look bleak” and makes a crack about how they must practice making googly-eyes.

But before we can get that #WayHaught break…

“My boss was killed.”

To which Wynonna must respond

I can’t, y’all. #WyNietzsche

Cut over to the widows’ crib. Widcedes is calling up some dark forces to find out where another seal is, presumably, and she tosses some rings like they’re bones or runes or dice onto a map. Bethdow is there, too, and Widcedes is pissed at her for killing (and eating) the priest but Bethdow then references BOBO! She says he moved the second seal, y’all! Guess we’ll find out how that plays out. But Widcedes points out Bobo’s dead. Bethdow suggests asking the Stone Witch, but Widcedes points out she’s missing (though all of US know where she is!). So how about Juan Carlo? Bethdow asks. Widcedes ix-nays that, too, because they’re not strong enough. But THEN! She suggests Hypnos, the Clockmaker…

And off we go to Casa de Hypnos, whose interior is like a steampunk estate sale.

Pay no attention to that man in the natty smoking jacket in the chair…

So that’s Poppy and Hypnos. Apparently, Hypnos is supposed to sleep (Sandman, y’all) because it’s part of his power thing. But of course ultra-douche Tucker shows up and demands that he help them. The widows need time, and if Hypnos doesn’t grant it, Tucker will shoot Poppy.

I hate that guy, Tucker.

Back at Nedley Central with bloody nun, inc., Wynonna asks completely inappropriate questions (LOL because reasons) but we find out that the nun was in the basement sorting through some decorations when she felt really, really cold and then she was paralyzed and watched as a woman in black had a priest buffet. Jeremy swabs the blood on the nun’s hands (because Jeremy) and then Waverly takes her out of the room in her nurturing Waverly way (one of the many reasons Nicole loves her some Waverly) and comes back and Wynonna is talking about the woman in black she saw at Mercedes’ condos and she thought it was Willa. But, Jeremy points out, the condos were built on the site of a Catholic school so the “consecrated ground” idea comes up and Wynonna realizes there’s more than one seal and they’re living in Seal City without a compass. Fortunately, there’s Jeremy with math to help do algorithms n’ shit to nail down the location.

Jeremy and his important set of investigative tools.

Dolls and Doc come in and Dolls tells them they might want to sit down and our hormone-laden stressed-out Wynonna is all paranoid: “WHY? I FEEL FINE!” And Dolls is all, “I was actually talking to Jeremy…” And then Dolls tells our intrepid posse what Moody said, and they talk about what this all means (no more blood contract YAY!). And Wynonna reminds them all that there are still demons to kill and supernatural shit to deal with. Jeremy announces he’s going to get a snack, especially for crush-boy Doc (LOL).

And then Dolls gets super “aw shucks” and asks Wynonna to go to coffee with him at the diner because he wants to discuss something personal with her. Thank GAWD Waverly steps in and tells Dolls Wynonna will meet him there, which leads to another sisterly discussion in which Waves points out that Doc is asking Wynonna on a date and her not talking to Doc about the SITUATION isn’t fair to either of them. Wynonna snaps back that it’s HER situation and nobody gets to tell her what to do or how to handle it, and stop judging her. Waves looks hurt and then Wynonna notes that Nicole is looking at Waves like she’s the fudge to her sundae, so…but Waverly says she and Nicole haven’t talked. Talk-talked. Since she was tentacled (OMG I love that this is a verb now). Wynonna goes all squishy (because it’s WAVES and she loves her sister, dammit) and tells her to go, basically, to talk to Nicole since one of them needs to have a “non-screwed up romantic thingamajig.”

New rule. I will now use that terminology going forward.

Back to Jeremy, who is making notations in various books — he has a HOLY SHIT moment because he says he has FOUND IT! But there’s no one else around so off he goes to do Jeremy things.

We now break to take you to this #WayHaught moment, brought to you courtesy of Emily Andras and the entire cast and crew of Wynonna Earp.

And Nicole is SO HAPPY because Nicole and Waves are mackin’ on each other and Nicole says that Waverly tastes like her Waverly again (omg that is some sexy-time prelude right there…or, depending on the context, some full-on sexy-time…). Which of course makes me wonder what Gooverly tasted like when they were kissing. I mean, what does Goo taste like? I’m imagining burnt taco lettuce and rat hair.

ANYWAY. Nicole has a serious question for Waverly, because she’s a little concerned that she was actually doing the deed with Gooverly and that really creeps her out but Waverly assures her that no, while engaged with Haughtness, she was all Waves. And we know that’s totes possible because Waverly kept Gooverly at bay quite a bit. Though Gooverly no doubt knew what was happening. So…ick? And omg, Andras. That’s a seriously intriguing way to do polyamory.

I digress.

Because holy shitsticks, people. The chemistry between Waves and Nicole is OFF THE DAMN CHARTS. They’re so sweet together. And that is a testament to not only Kat Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley, but also Andras again, who is so adept at showing the loving, messy, beautiful entirety of an intimate relationship regardless of the packaging.

FUCK, that’s so refreshing.

And it’s a lovely fade-to-black (which actually works for WayHaught) and we jump on over to the diner where we just know this convo Wynonna is about to have with Dolls is going to be so.awkward. And Wynonna’s on edge, so every little thing people say she gets super paranoid. Like, for example, Dolls asks what it’ll be since she can’t have whiskey and she’s all, “WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? OF COURSE I CAN HAVE WHISKEY” but he points out it’s 11 AM and they’re at a diner so it’s probably not on the menu. But then, they are in Purgatory, so…

Back to the awkward convo. Dolls is clearly having feelz for Wynonna.

I’m not sure what to make of this lovestruck goofy Dolls. I can only think that with Black Badge out of the way he has more room to be himself, smol dragon notwithstanding. Maybe he feels a little more liberated and he’s not tied to them for his drugs, and maybe he IS this kind of squishy marshmallow guy inside whose walls are to protect that part of himself. AWWWWWW. And it makes Wynonna super-uncomfortable so she’s WAY glad when Widcedes shows up (who is in her Mercedes outfit) and she tells her to join them (much to Dolls’ irritation). But something’s up, Wynonna deduces because when she asks Mercedes what’s wrong and then snarks, “silver spoon stuck up your ass?”, Mercedes, like, looks behind her. Like she’s trying to determine if perhaps there IS a spoon up her ass.


But then she says Tucker’s the pain in her ass and she feels like he’ll explode at any minute and “ruin everything.” Which would have ME wondering. “Everything”? Everything what? I mean, what could Mercedes possibly have going on besides real estate deals and how could Tucker ruin those? So that statement was a red flag for me. And then the phone rings and Mercedes says she’d better take the call since it might be Tucker telling her he’s taken a hostage.

I love how Widcedes basically tells the truth without making it obvious.

And now back to our awkward momentTM.

Wynonna is not ready for it. She announces she has to “tinkle” and goes off to the bathroom but before she can go in, she gets all woozy and wonders what was in the hippie tea Waverly tried to give her earlier and then she passes out. And if you look past her, you’ll see that Dolls, too, is passing out and that basically everybody in the diner is doing it.

And then the camerawork gets a little hazy and off-kilter, which is really well done to demonstrate the weirdness of the sleep-ness. It’s actually Peacemaker that wakes Wynonna up, in a completely uncharacteristic display (perhaps the baby…?) It sizzles momentarily in her hands and she snaps awake, sitting on the floor with her back to the wall. And did y’all catch this Easter egg?

Beau Smith writes the WE comics for IDW. 😀

Anyway, Wynonna is brushing herself off and then HOLY SHIT she realizes she is even MOAR PREGNANT. Like, OBVI preggers. How long has she been out? “We’re gonna need a bigger coat,” she says, and she promptly gets up and takes hers off and then appropriates some dude’s coat from a nearby table. He won’t mind. He’s out cold. And AGAIN Peacemaker hums and lights up momentarily, like it’s one of those bug lights, now. New Peacemaker trick, y’all. Let’s all pay attention to see what the hell it means. She goes over to Dolls and wakes him up with a yell (because of course she does) and he’s all confused and she says everybody in the diner passed out and he picks up his phone and blows dust off it and she says she thinks they’ve been asleep for a “long-ass time.” Given the state of her pregnancy, yes. This is in fact an excellent observation.

They go outside, and it’s clear that the whole damn town is asleep.

Everybody’s sleeping off a major supernatural hangover.

OMG! Waverly! Wynonna takes off back to the Earpstead and wakes her sister up in the best possible sister way. A pillow to the head. And then she shows off her belly. DOES THIS LOOK NORMAL TO YOU JUST CHECKING

And while Waverly is trying to process Wynonna’s #WayPregnant self, they hear Dolls in the hallway who clearly has discovered Nicole NEKKID and that was one of the funniest off-camera moments in a looooong time.
Nicole: *screams*
Dolls: “Officer Haught.” *clears throat*
Nicole: “Don’t look at me.”


Our intrepid foursome now has to have a plan. Nicole’s ready to wake up the town, but Dolls and Wynonna point out that if they do that, they won’t be able to figure out who did it in the first place. So they’re going to need something stronger than coffee to keep them buzzing. Wynonna’s got super-caff drinks in the fridge and Nicole suggests the pharmaceuticals in the evidence locker…whoa. But Waverly shoots Wynonna a look and says, “NOT YOU.” And Wynonna is all, “My own sister. A narc.” And Dolls is like, “we all have to self-medicate” and I’m laughing so hard though that’s actually kind of sick. Twisted, y’all. But tongue-in-cheek, I know.

I loved all the subtext in this episode about the pregnancy. Layered in SO NICELY. Well done, writers and cast!

So they all have their tasks and they leave and Wynonna is standing in the Earpstead kitchen staring at her very pregnant self when Nicole pops back in for something and oh, shit! I love that Nicole asks immediately if Waverly knows and Wynonna says yes, but nobody else and it’s clear that Nicole will keep this on the DL.

I love the moments between Wynonna and Nicole as #WayHaught continues. Wynonna accepting Waverly for loving a woman and also acknowledging that Nicole is part of their lives and she’s trying to work it. And Nicole, too, gets some good snark in…

I can’t…Nicole with the point.

Can I also give a shout-out there to Melanie Scrofano’s EXCELLENT performance in this episode? I mean, she’s so good anyway, but she really captured the vulnerability and the fear that comes with a realization of a pregnancy and here, she’s got so much else on her plate. Demons. Craziness. Dealing with two really solid guys in her life…it’s scary. And the subtlety she employs to fully capture the “what the hell am I going to do” experience is SO GOOD. For example, the previous moment with Nicole was so intense because Nicole realizes that this is big shit and for once, Wynonna is not snarking and then when Nicole leaves, there’s a shot of Wynonna in the kitchen, and her eyes fill with tears and her expression is just “what the fuck omg what the fuck.”

Well done.


And now back to Casa de Hypnos, where I just now realized he appears to be hooked up to…IVs? Because he’s all in the magic zone and can’t eat? But it looks like blood in one. Or is that…goo? If you know, post in the comments.

Hypnos can’t sustain what the not-so-merry widows want. And sure enough, here they are, telling Hypnos to keep it up. Tucker, meanwhile — the guy one dark panel van short of serial killer status — gripes that the whole town has been asleep for weeks and “it isn’t fun anymore.” But he does show a weird little protective streak for Poppy and tells the widows they can’t hurt her because he “likes” her. Probably the same way that dude in “Silence of the Lambs” liked the women he put in his pit, but I digress again.

Widcedes tells Hypnos he’ll keep giving them more time or she’ll take Poppy out of the mix. She’ll take her face off. And we know what THAT looks like. She then tells Tucker to STFU, basically, and he says that he’s doing good and that he “found something in the Salt Flats.”

I can tell you right now that has to be the Stone Witch. Because that’s pretty much the only thing I know of that’s out there.

But Widcedes asks if it’s the seal. No, he says, and then Bethdow interrupts because she realizes that someone else in the town is awake. Widcedes tells Hypnos to knock ’em out again and he says he can’t, that they’re too strong. The HEIR is too strong. The heir of WYATT EARP and whatever demon is inhabiting Mercedes tells him never to say that name then she gets all brave and asks Bethdow if she’s still hungry. Meaning she would like Bethdow to Scooby snack Wynonna.

Back at Nedley Central, Dolls, Wynonna, and Waverly are getting some supplies to go demon-huntin’. Or witch/warlock huntin’. Whatever. He gives Waves and Wynonna each a syringe and tells them it’s adrenaline. Just a shot in the hip. Wynonna points out she won’t need it because Peacemaker has decided it’s an alarm clock and a taser. Handy dandy, Wyatt’s gun…

Dolls gives them each a walkie-talkie and tells Waves “no cutesy call signs.” Of course, we know that’s not going to happen. Heh. Dolls leaves and Wynonna asks Waves to wake up Doc because she’s…well, she’s emotionally not quite ready to deal with him yet. Waves agrees and then they have an all-too-brief “sorry” moment but Dolls reappears with a big-ass gun that he hands to Waves like, no biggie and can I just interrupt here and note that I like this change in Dolls, where he’s allowing Waverly to have responsibility and to take care of things. That’s a subtle shift in his relationship with her. He gave the big-ass gun to Waverly. That would NEVER have happened in Season 1.

Also, Wynonna starts with the cutesy radio call signs. Waves is now AngelPants and OF COURSE Wynonna is now BaconDonut. I support both of these call signs. With all of my heart.

Dolls tells Wynonna another shitbomb about the sleeping spell…if they don’t wake up soon, they NEVER wake up and Wynonna is all, shit. He asks if she’s okay and brushes her hair away from her face — again, I’m not sure what to make of goofy, in love Dolls — and Wynonna says she never thought she’d say this, but she thinks she needs a cup of tea.

Oh, hell. The pregnancy’s getting worse, you guys. LOL

Quickie scene break. Wynonna is along with her cup of tea thinking Dolls is somewhere, because she calls out that she wants to know where Jeremy is. She goes over to the table where he was working and puts her tea down and creepy ghostly voices start whispering and she smells Shalidelle, that damn cologne that her mom and Willa liked.

Speaking of that damn cologne, didn’t Bobo have a thing for it, too? And he seemed to have some kind of protective thing toward Waverly (I miss his character big-time). You guys don’t think that Bobo had a little fling with Waves’ and Wynonna’s mom, do you? But then again, on this show, cray’s always a’poppin’.

Anyway, the widows hassle Wynonna at Nedley Central. They fling her over a chair (OH NOEZ) and then Widcedes (pretty sure that’s her, with the rings over the gloves) grabs some of the materials Jeremy was working on and they bail, leaving Wynonna wincing in pain. And Wynonna, like, automatically checks her belly, like she’s already sort of instictively being all mom. Interesting.

Cut to Waves trying to wake Doc up. OOOPS. It appears Doc and Rosita’s relationship has progressed to a whole new level…

LOL Waves’ response? “Well. Someone’s been doing yoga…”

Next scene, Waves is downstairs in the bar of Shorty’s pouring shots. Doc comes down the stairs and puts his hat on (thank GAWD he has a new hat) and takes one of the shots and then there’s a really interesting moment between the two of them. Waverly gently chastises Doc for his “no strings” approach to sleeping with Rosita and he points out that he’s not the settling down type, and that he’s been very clear about that since the outset. So Waverly tells him she’s too young for him to which he responds, “I’m older than the state of Colorado. EVERYBODY is too young for me.”

I love that Waverly is trying to make Doc into something he might not be because he is most likely the father of Wynonna’s baby. And then we find out that Doc has a little jealousy streak where Dolls is concerned. He wonders why Wynonna didn’t come wake him up herself and Waves deflects. She and Dolls are gearing up at BBD. Doc flat-out asks if they woke up together and she says “it was just coffee” and he downs another shot…”uh huh…”

They go down into the basement where they find Jeremy sleeping on the floor. Waverly wakes him up and he announces that the seal is in Shorty’s. It’s in some kind of vault…

The gang may have found Rosita’s stash of energy drinks…

And Jeremy then chants “What would The Rock do” three times and enters…

laughing so hard at that…


He goes in there and GETS THE SEAL and we fling back over to Nedley Central, where Dolls comes in to help Wynonna, who is still sitting on the floor and this is where Dolls sees the…uh…situation.

And Wynonna being Wynonna…

So now the proverbial cat is SO OUT OF THE BAG.

Cut to Nicole trying to stay awake on her stakeout. MOAR ENERGY DRINKS! And one of the not-so-merry widows flits by. Why can’t the bad guys wear jeans? Nicole wonders. This is indeed a good question.

Back to Dolls and Wynonna, who obviously have some shit to talk about. And being pregnant does not affect Wynonna’s ability to send evil shit tickets back to hell, as she succinctly outlines to Dolls. “Nothing’s changed,” she says. But the look on Dolls’ face when he says, “Everything’s changed.” omg my heart. Poor Dolls. Thank GAWD Nicole radios in to let them know that the widows are out and about and she tracked one to the Clockmaker’s mansion. Go, Nicole!

So Wynonna says she’s gonna shoot the witchy widows in their lacy faces and off they go to Casa de Hypnos…

Damn right that’s what a preggers demon-killer can do…

Dolls, Wynonna, and Nicole run into Hypnos’ living room and Wynonna demands he wake everybody up, but he says he can’t and if she kills him, everybody dies. Nicole then passes out into a chair. He notes that the three there will die, too but then he corrects himself and says “four” because, you know, Wynonna’s “situation.”

So Wynonna says that she’s tired, hormonal, and she has to pee for the zillionth time and she has other ways of bringing the pain to make him lift the spell. Hypnos agrees, in exchange for bringing Poppy back who, it turns out, is his DAUGHTER. I also find it interesting that he refers to Tucker as the widows’ “familiar.” Isn’t that a witch thing? So the widows are witches moreso than demons? He also reveals that the widows are looking for three seals, but Dolls figures out they’ve already found the second, which is at Shorty’s, from the map on the table there that Widcedes took from Nedley Central.

So we fling back to Shorty’s where Doc, Jeremy, and Waverly are sucking down energy drinks like ‘tween boys at the X-Games. Waverly tries to contact Wynonna on the radio, but the reception is bad. She goes up the stairs and finally hears that the widows know the seal’s in Shorty’s and they’re on their way. So our gang prepares!

Waverly and her big gun, y’all…

But oh, NOEZ! The widows get in anyway and do some kind of weird freeze/sleep spell on our heroes. Bethdow appreciates that one smells sweet and is “yummy” but Widcedes is all, “LATER.”

Back at Casa de Hypnos, Wynonna adrenalines Nicole into awake mode and the first thing Nicole says is, “Tell me I’m wearing clothes this time.” LOLOL Nicole’s ready to go save her some Waverly, but Wynonna tells her she needs her to do something else, and that’s to find Tucker soon-to-be-creepy-serial-killer Gardiner. Nicole’s all, that’s easy. She’s been bugging his phone for weeks. “Don’t judge me,” she says. “He’s the WORST.” And Wynonna says, “I will judge you. Judge you unexpectedly awesome.” So they now know exactly where Tucker is.

Oh, GAWD. The Earpstead.

Wynonna convinces Dolls to go with Nicole because if something happened to Nicole, Waverly would die, and Wynonna’s not having any of that. So there’s a really sweet moment between Dolls and Wynonna. She says, too, that she has to talk to Doc. And Dolls gives her a kiss. AWWWWWWWW. Maybe the baby can have TWO daddies!

Back at Shorty’s, Doc and Waverly are waking up from their frozen state but they still can’t move. And I do mean frozen, y’all. There is ice on them. The widows are chanting some kind of freaky ceremony in the background. Jeremy manages to stand up but he kicks an empty can, alerting the widows who ice him again.

And then we have to go to the Earpstead, where there is a serious creepfest going on. Tucker is in Waverly’s bedroom WITH HER CHEERLEADING OUTFIT ON HIS LAP, Y’ALL and he’s basically trying to turn Poppy into Waverly. My skin is crawling with the ickiness of this whole thing. He tells Poppy to put the cheerleading outfit on.


Nicole and Dolls arrive, but Dolls is feeling the sleep so Nicole (who had the adrenaline shot earlier), realizes he’s in Waverly’s bedroom and omg she’s not having that. She races up the stairs and confronts him. He tries to use Poppy as a human shield, but ends up in this situation:

Yeah, too bad she didn’t shoot you in the chest. Or the head. She tells him to drop the knife or she’ll shoot him again. He does, then says that he did something else and “they’ll” kill him for it. Pretty sure that’s the widows. Then he literally jumps out the window. Unfortunately, he apparently lives.

Back at Shorty’s, the widows have succeeded in doing something which appears to be breaking the seal. They’re pretty stoked about this. Wynonna shows up and shoots, and the bullet appears to hit one, but then they disappear and she goes to help Waverly. Then she shows Doc that she’s pregnant and he…omg, he’s worse at dealing with things than she is. He stares. He’s stunned. And then there are voices upstairs and he says he has to go up and serve them. Total brush-off, but we all know it’s because he just doesn’t know WTF to do with what Wynonna just told him. Her eyes fill with tears. And he leaves. Oh, man.

Wynonna then goes to Casa de Hypnos, where it turns out though the town has been asleep for, like, a while, it’s only been, like, a minute. Why, then, is Wynonna so pregnant, she asks. And Hypnos says the child should have stayed as it was when she fell asleep, but clearly, it’s like her, and doesn’t follow the rules. And then Dolls shoots him. WTF, Dolls? Oh, he’s back in hard-ass mode. All that emotional stuff he laid out for Wynonna he’s retracting, it seems. He tells her to do her damn job because Hypnos is a demon even though he was blackmailed. So she shoots Hypnos with Peacemaker. And now things are super tense with Dolls. Ugh.

And I’m sorry, but that was super-shitty to kill Hypnos when he hadn’t even gotten to see his daughter.

Double ugh.

Wynonna goes to Nedley Central to get Waves and presumably go back to the Earpstead. I’m guessing Wynonna needs some Waverly energy because this has been a CRAP DAY. Waverly says that Poppy took off and they didn’t stop her and Wynonna is okay with that because Poppy isn’t the enemy. Then Dolls and Doc walk in and Wynonna bails. Waverly stops them and Dolls wants to talk about the situation but Waverly says eventually, but right now, Wynonna gets all the time and space she needs.

Sister power, y’all. LOVE IT.

Doc, meanwhile, asks Waverly to give her a note from him, when she thinks Wynonna is ready. Waverly gives him the “oh, really?” look and Jeremy comes in, wondering what’s up with all the bad juju flying around. He asks what’s up and Waverly flat-out tells him that Wynonna’s pregnant and he says, “Yeah.” And then looks around and says, “Oh, was that a secret?” So he knew! He’s known for a while, it seems.

Now we have to check in with the widows. Widcedes got clipped by the Peacemaker bullet on her arm and she knows it’s no ordinary gun. Bethdow is going to get her something to feed on to help her heal, but Widcedes clearly wants to take Wynonna out of the picture. She’ll be coming, Widcedes says, and right on cue, their doorbell rings so the two of them grab knives and go to the door to answer it, where they find…

The Stone Witch’s head. DAMN. I was hoping that character would come back. Alive. Anyway, the note says “Let’s play a new game” so it’s clearly Tucker who did this (and he did reference the Salt Flats and that he had done something that “they’d” kill him for). And it turns out that the Stone Witch is somehow related to the widows. Bethdow refers to her as “sister Clootie,” so she could be an actual sister or, like, a sister witch or sister demon or whatever. Widcedes, however, is ready to kill the fuck out of Tucker. So we’ll see where this plotline goes.

And now a scene that was so eminently perfect in its emotional content and execution that I’m still thinking about it even after watching it several times. Back at the Earpstead, Wynonna is sitting on the floor, her back against a bed, rolling a liquor bottle across the floor with her foot. Don’t worry. I don’t think she was drinking. Waverly comes in and Wynonna tells her it’s the only position she can get comfie in. Waverly joins her on the floor and Wynonna finally talks about what’s been weighing on her mind. The universe never gives her a choice. She was on birth control, but she’s still pregnant. She didn’t want to be the Earp heir, but she is. And she’s furious and frustrated and feeling lost.

Moments like these are what make this show so very special, my friends. Here we have a paranormal, quirky genre television show and yet very human relationships and complications. I love that about Emily Andras’s work. It’s not just about pushing a story. It’s about exploring how the characters interact with it, and how they interact with each other. Moments like this you don’t see very often in network TV. You don’t see a sister bond like this expressed much, and it has evolved over the past season-and-a-half in wonderful ways, with all its tensions and issues. And the Purgatory Posse have become this weird little family in the midst of crazy, thrown together and trying to make things work.

It’s a human story, Wynonna Earp. And it’s one of the most important ingredients in this show.

So here we are with Waverly and Wynonna having a moment, and it’s gorgeous in its simplicity and emotion. Waverly says she’s not going to say it’s going to be okay. But she tells Wynonna she’s here.

And friends, Doc’s note to Wynonna.

He’s all in, folks.


So. There you go. And remember to keep watching legally and to let SyFy know how awesome this show it and how much you love it so we can get a Season 3.

Peace(maker), y’all.

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