Wynonna Earp 2.12 recap: “I Hope You Dance” and have all the feelz too

Hey kids —

The finale, fellow Earpers.

This was a really amazing episode, full of emotionally wrenching scenes and really amazing bonding, and feelz, and snark…it blew everything out of the water and set the stage for S3 in amazing ways.

I say we start campaigning now for S4.



Let’s get to it.

So we left off in 2.11 with Wynonna out of the picture because of Greta the Iron Witch’s stupid spell. And we had Doc aware of the spell, but Wynonna had been erased from the world, so nobody knew who she was, though the spell wasn’t as strong as it could have been. The upshot of last week was Doc and Dolls killing each other (literally), Bobo back and sort of helping Waverly and Nicole before he joined the Widows with hopes of getting some kind of special dispensation from Demon Clootie (basically, Bobo doesn’t ever want to go back to hell). And Bobo breaks the third seal (Doc’s ring) while Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy blow themselves up (literally) along with the demon hockey trophy (seriously, Andras, saying that anywhere outside a Wynonna Earp context would sound totally nuts) in the Earpstead barn to end the spell. And Rosita got herself killed, too. So basically, THE ENTIRE EARP FAMILY AND POSSE DIED in 2.11, but with the breaking of Greta’s stupid spell, everything was brought back to where it needed to be and Wynonna reappears in a field and sees Bobo and the Widows and then…she has a contraction while somewhere, Demon Clootie roars.

That’s where we left off. Let’s chat about 2.12.

The opening scene picked up sort of where we left off. Bobo and the Widows headed to find Clootie’s actual resting place when Waverly — WHAT A SEASON SHE’S HAD AMIRIGHT? — appears with her shotgun (ain’t nuthin’ as sexy as a woman like that with a shotgun, y’all) to confront Bobo and the Widows.

Words to remember: Waverly calls the Widows “shit strumpets” and tells Bobo he’s wearing a woman’s fur coat to which he says, “ouch.” And then Bobo says: “new gay Waverly’s a little judgey but I like the new sass.”

Y’all, can we take a moment to appreciate Waverly with a shotgun?

Bobo taunts Waves with his “you betrayed your sister” crap (I already deconstructed that — Greta tricked Waves, so I don’t think it’s a betrayal of Wynonna) and tells her to grow up. Waves also drops a little bomb in there: “no one said parenthood was easy,” as if trying to tip him off to what she may think is the relationship between them, but he doesn’t bite. Fortunately, Wynonna shows up with Peacemaker. But with the third seal broken, Peacemaker and bullets in general do not work any longer against the Widows. BUMMER. And Bobo has some mad power skillz; he flings a huge chunk of metal at Waves and Wy.

Cut quickly to…Demon Clootie is somewhere dark, growling and carrying on and he reaches out with his gross pale demon hand from what looks like a pile of rubble.

Scene 2 (after opening creds)
This is an important scene, I think, because it involves Waves and Wy reconciling. Wynonna was flung to the side as a result of Bobo’s power blast, and she remembers that he could do that. But I like how this scene brings Wy and Waves back together after the previous couple of episodes.

This is one of the major ingredients that makes this show work, friends, is the bond between Wynonna and Waverly. I hated it when they were on the outs, but 2.11 demonstrated the lengths that Waverly was willing to go to not only for Nicole, but for Wynonna and here, we see Wynonna reconnecting with her and recognizing that bond.

Serious feelz.

It’s also confirmed in this scene that the reason Bobo is back is because Wy died for a brief time during the vision quest, and she tells Waves that.

After this touching moment, we’re then at Nedley Central. Nedley does not make an appearance in this episode, so it’s unclear where he is or what that’s about. He died in the alt-universe, and I’m hoping he’ll be back, but he wasn’t in this episode. Anyway, Dolls comes back to us in a creepy way…sitting up in a body bag he was put in. He races out to the Earpstead and YAY REUNION!

Dolls, Nicole, Jeremy, Waves, and Wynonna! We’re still missing Doc, though. Still, it’s good to see the gang and Wy sums it up with: “It’s settled. Everyone stop dying.” Or at least try hard not to, she adds, since the third seal is broken. Nicole, Jeremy, and Dolls didn’t know that so SHIT they need a plan. And in another epic line, Wy adds that they need a plan cuz “this sucker’s comin’ out my vagina. Yeah, my vagina, Jeremy. Any minute.” omg I can’t.

NEXT SCENE we’re out in the forest with Bobo and the Widows and they stop at an old mine shaft. Widow Beth is puzzled. Clootie can’t be here because it’s not consecrated ground. Bobo points out it is, to the Assiniboine. Bobo moved Clootie to the mine while he was digging up Constance’s boys.

View of the mineshaft. Seems so…19th century…

In they go to dig up Clootie. His coffin is partially exposed and Bobo, for his part, is only in it for a deal. He wants Clootie to keep him out of hell (presumably if Wynonna shoots him again).

EARPSTEAD. Our gang (sans Doc still) is figuring out a plan. Because look what Wynonna noticed about Peacemaker and the damn Edwin plate:

C’mon baby, light my fire…or something.

So the plan involves the plate. And Jeremy has to figure out where the Widows and Bobo went while Dolls has to go find Doc. Wynonna is concerned because with the ring broken, Doc is no longer immortal, which begs the question, will he then also be sick again? Jeremy, however, doesn’t think he’s dead because he feels it in his groin.

Never change, Jeremy.

But also, keep that in mind, about Jeremy’s feelz, even if they are in his groin. You’ll see why.

BUT there’s something else in this scene that gets folks to wonderin’. Dolls leaves to find Doc, Waves is going to stick with Wy to do something with the plate, and Wy then looks at Nicole and says, “Haught.” And Nicole says, “Yeah. I remember. I’ve got you, Earp.”

A SECRET WYHAUGHT PLAN, Y’ALL! And we don’t know what it is yet. Waves obvi is a little perturbed because Wynonna had just given a statement about no more secrets, but…guess we’ll see. Scene ends with Wynonna leaning against the banister with another contraction.

This is another aspect of this show and this season that has been so amazing, and a testament to the writers and the showrunner. A nutty paranormal demon-killing romp and they wrote in the MC’s pregnancy, who is still kicking ass and taking names even though she’s 9 months pregnant. SERIOUSLY.

Back to the mine, where Bobo and the Widows are dealing with the Clootie coffin. Beth is way more into it than Mercedes, which immediately makes me think that Mercedes is up to something. Beth is all touchy feely with the nasty-ass demon hand of Clootie, who is really weak after all that time underground, y’know. Mercedes realizes he basically wants to eat Wynonna’s baby. And then Mercedes totally goes where I thought she would — she has an ax and she cuts Clootie’s arm off, saying she wants a separation, that the world has changed.

For the record, Clootie’s demon name is “Bulshar” and Mercedes wants the ring on the hand she hacked off. Bobo, for his part, is loving the double-cross and the sister-fight. Mercedes disappears from the mineshaft and puts the ring on her finger and…

TOTALLY COSPLAYS GAME OF THRONES! This is the new Mercedes. Clearly, she’s feeling much better. Andras, where is her dragon?

Waves and Wynonna also head over to Greta’s where Wynonna points out they’re going to exploit her Iron Witch self. Waves produces the Edwin plate (stylish dinnerware, as Wy calls it), so they want Greta to do something with it. Things that came out of this scene: Greta calls Clootie “the Shadow Lord” and points out that Wyatt only delayed him, and didn’t actually kill him. And, she says, the Widows and Clootie only grow more powerful. But Wy says they need a “missile” so they’re basically enlisting Greta to probably melt the plate down for a Peacemaker bullet.

On the plus side, Dolls finds Doc at the well, and Doc says he’s mortal, now, and that he can feel a burning in his lungs. DAMMIT. Dolls fills him in on all that’s happened — including Bobo being back — and Doc’s ready to head out and help Wynonna, possibly historic TB be damned.

Back at Greta’s, we have more important info being revealed between the Earp sisters, and a bit of testiness on Wynonna’s part for Waves’ sorta-betrayal. Waves reveals that Nicole’s married to a gorgeous lady doctor and Wynonna tells her that Nicole loves her, Waverly. Then, OMG Waves reveals that she’s not Wynonna’s sister, that the DNA test confirmed she’s not an Earp. Wynonna’s response? “Like hell you’re not,” demonstrating yet again the powerful bond of sisterhood in this damn show. Waverly may not be related to Wynonna, but Wynonna considers her a sister, and that’s how it’s gonna be. Oh, and Greta forged a bullet for Peacemaker out of Edwin’s plate, both of which are made of ammonite, that stuff that keeps Revs off Earp land. But just one bullet! Wy plans on killing Demon Clootie. If you cut the head off, the others die, too. She loads up the gun at the Earpstead and…

baby just might be comin’, y’all.

Next scene is Nicole with Jeremy at Nedley Central (sans Nedley…WHERE IS HE?) and we’re about to get some reveals about Jeremy. First, however, let us all take a moment to appreciate Nicole’s wardrobe:

You’re welcome.

Jeremy figures out that Bobo might be at an abandoned mine and he admits to Nicole that he stuck around because, he says, he doesn’t fit in here, and nobody asked him to, but he’s allowed to be himself. Nicole tells him he’s part of the family and then, unfortunately, GoT Mercedes shows up and does a venom blast. Meanwhile, Waves calls Doc on the phone and tells him, “we have a pot of gold” and Doc knows the code. That means the baby’s comin’, y’all! Dolls races off in Doc’s car and Doc races off through the woods while Waves has Wy in her jeep and they’re racing through Purgatory only to find…

GoT Mercedes waiting on them in the middle of the street. And then Beth shows up and grabs Waves! And Nicole and Jeremy are part of GoT Mercedes’ people laid out in the street all frozenated from the venom.

Important note, here. Bulshar’s ring is a thing, y’all. And Nicole seems to realize it, too. Not sure if the camera cutting to her all frozenated in the street and watching her wide-eyed expression means anything after GoT Mercedes mentions the ring, but…something to ponder. And when GoT Mercedes says “Bulshar,” Wynonna seems to recognize the name. THAT, too, is important for later. Watching it again, I now see why.

So Doc then shows up and GoT Mercedes and Beth are totally trying to play everybody off each other. GoT Mercedes tells Wynonna to shoot Beth and then the two of them can take down Bulshar together. Beth, though, tells her to shoot GoT Mercedes or she kills Waves. GoT Mercedes reveals to Wynonna that Beth wants to feed her newborn to Bulshar (EEEEEW). But I think she’s just playin’ Wynonna AND Beth.

Regardless, this scene then took a turn for the…well, shit. I can’t describe it. Doc faces off with Wynonna and tells her nobody gets the baby, that basically he’ll kill her. He claims it’s not so bad, “up there,” that he saw Wyatt, who is so damn proud of her. The feelz immediately ratchet up when we realize that he totally does mean to shoot her to keep his child from becoming demon feed. But also, it’s poignant, how he mentions “up there,” as you’ll see later.

I seriously do not know what to do with that. Wynonna, meanwhile, decides she’ll take him out, too. I mean, I guess I understand where Doc’s coming from in terms of saying he’ll shoot Wy to prevent more terrible things, but the Widows think the two of them are bluffing. Doc says, “I will kill us both before I let you walk in service to the Devil.”

She tells him to aim high.

And then they both fire. At each other.

Do you see why this episode was an entire emotional shitshow/rollercoaster?

But THIS happened!

Doc’s bullet split the bullet from peacemaker and the separate halves flew true (magic, I tell you), and one half killed Beth and the other half killed GoT Mercedes. And they both crumbled into nastiness. We hear Bultar’s ring hit the street. Remember that for a bit later, because like I said above, Nicole was paying attention.

The spell breaks on all the people who were frozenated in the street and there’s hugs and then Doc says to Wynonna, “it’s been 12 minutes since your last contraction. You’re dilatin’.” She says, “you read the book!” and he says, “The Wikipedia.”

Omg. Never change, Doc. They take Wynonna into Shorty’s and Waves and Nicole have a moment where we are given more clues about the WyHaught plan. Nicole has to go get some things ready and Waves asks what Wy asked Nicole to do and Nicole says, “the only thing she could” and she tells Waves not to be too hard on her, that she’ll need her.”


In the meantime, Rosita is in Shorty’s, and she’s helping. Doc and Jeremy go off to see if Clootie got out of his tomb yet. Dolls is allegedly trying to find a doctor. So that leaves Rosita, Waves, and Wynonna in Shorty’s with a baby on the way. And Wynonna also apologizes to Rosita.

Dolls is having his own problems — he’s on the edge of town where all the Nachoboys meet him in their robed finery. Basically, they seem to have killed the doctor. And you know what? Fuck those douchebags for killing the doctor, if that’s what they did. Assholes. Anyway, they’re obsessing about the Earp heir.

Who is about to be born on a pool table in a bar. Wynonna and Waves have a moment in which Waves demonstrates that she knows what the WyHaught plan is, from her brief interaction with Nicole. She guessed! Because that’s how tuned in she and Nicole are as GFs! Or Waves’ mysterious powers that I’m sure she has. Anyway, the plan is to get the baby out of Purgatory to safety as soon as it’s born.

GAWD that is so sad.

Anyway, between contractions, Wynonna says she couldn’t tell Waves the WyHaught plan because she wanted to wait as long as possible to break her heart, and also they don’t know for sure if Waves can leave the Ghost River Triangle. She said she suspected after her vision quest that Robert Svane might be her father but Waves says she honestly doesn’t know for sure.

And then something terrible happens. Rosita slams Waves against the pool table and knocks her out.

ROSITA HAS GONE BAD. She knocks Peacemaker aside and drags Waves out of the way as Wynonna is going into labor. We find out that Rosita is super-pissed at Wynonna, thinking she could trust any Earp. She says the baby is currency, to the Order (the Nachoboys), the Revenants, Black Badge. Besides, Rosita points out, Wynonna is giving the baby up anyway, so guarantee her (Rosita) safe passage. I presume out of the Triangle.

So while that’s happening, Doc finds Bobo at the mine and Bulshar is free, but I guess he’s still weak because he’s not out and about yet. Yikes. AND as if that’s not the worst, Bulshar needs new brides and guess who Bobo hooked him up with?


Also, Rosita and Wynonna are still flinging barbs back and forth and Wynonna points out Rosita made this whole shitty situation about a GUY, which seems to rattle Rosita a bit. She then reveals that her “Revenant brethren are coming.” Wynonna tells Rosita to let Waves go, but Waves is up and she wields Peacemaker! But it doesn’t quite work for her and it doesn’t fire.

And now comes yet another amazingly emotional moment as Wynonna tells Waves she can totally wield the gun, that she can do it, and it’s intense and Wynonna basically yells at the gun that they need it to get in the goddamn game, and she screams PEACEMAKER at it as Rosita is preparing to throw down and OMG LOOK WHAT HAPPENS:

WAVERLY WIELDED PEACEMAKER. But what is the significance of the BLUE barrel vs. the yellow? The gun fires, but Rosita doesn’t die. She appears shocked and she runs off and then Peacemaker heats up and it burns Waves and she drops it.

There’s significance to this, friends, and I’m thinking Waves might have witch blood in her…

Bobo told Doc Waves was pure and good, and that’s part of why he offered her to Bulshar. So what if Waves is also a witch of some sort? Regardless, Waves is now the one dealing with helping Wynonna have this damn baby on a freaking pool table while Dolls is on the edge of town in a shoot-out with The Order (Nachoboys). Ewan says that the baby will be a demon-fighting machine, and think of all it can do with the right training. Dolls runs out of bullets, but we know he is a secret weapon. The Nachoboys do not know this, however. And omg, Dolls dragons out…

I mean, the waves of flame he produces. Pretty sure the Nachoboys are SMOKED.

And now we find out more about Jeremy. Doc is pinned to the mine because Bobo caused his thrown knife to nail Doc’s hand to the wood. So Jeremy faces Bobo and Bobo tells him it’s a bad move to mess with him because he — Jeremy — has metal in him. Lots of metal. Jeremy says it was a car accident, when he was 11. Bobo has the power to move metal with his magic Rev skills. But Jeremy’s gun is make of plastic, so he shoots Bobo and stuns him with some kind of power wave out of the gun (has to be a Jeremy invention) and Doc pulls the knife out of his hand and smacks Bobo around and then impales him:

Ow. Doc points out that Bobo may be able to move metal, but he cannot move himself — can’t lift himself off the metal just yet.

And you guys, the new Earp heir:

Yeah, yeah. The baby is a little older than it should be and all the other messy aspects of birth aren’t here, but whatevs! This is yet another scene of all the feelz. The Revenants are gathered outside trying to get in and Wynonna is crying because she doesn’t want to give the baby up, that it’s the coolest thing she ever did and omg, you guys. Waves takes the baby and they’re all crying and it’s all fucked up. Waves says Nicole’s at the getaway car, so she’s gonna go and see this WyHaught plan through. And then Wynonna tells Waves to makes sure “he gets a moment with the baby,” meaning Doc, and Waves says, “you’re wrong, Wynonna. YOU’RE the best of us.” And leaves. She still has crusted blood on her face from where Rosita smacked her head against the pool table. Omg. This scene, you guys.

And now another important scene with more things revealed. Nicole drives Waves and the baby to the edge of town. Waves wants to know if she and the baby can cross the boundary of the Ghost River Triangle. And guess what? They both can! The baby is Doc’s and Waves is not Revenant. And as they’re standing out there across the line, Waves realizes Bobo lied to her, but she asks Nicole “what am I?” And Nicole says, “You are extraordinary.”


And Nicole’s heart eyes when she says that:

And then Shorty’s becomes Douchebag Central again.

But Dolls shows up and he and Wynonna clear the fuck out of those Revs! Wy totally faked ’em out with the ol’ fake baby in a blanket trick. We find out she sent it outside the Ghost River Triangle. While that’s happening, we’re back at the mine. The spikes won’t keep Bobo down for long, so they need to get going but then we find out something else about Jeremy. He gets this weird look and says that Doc needs to go, that Wynonna needs him to go see the baby, and that WayHaught are taking it to the rendezvous point.

EVEN JEREMY SHIPS WAYHAUGHT, YOU GUYS! HE ACTUALLY SAID WAYHAUGHT! Omg I can’t believe how awesome it is that the writers included that.

Also, how did he know all of this? TELEPATHY??? Doc asks him just that and Jeremy says, “I told you. I was in an accident.” And he says he wasn’t recruited by Black Badge for his excellent Seinfeld impressions. So basically, you guys, Jeremy, too, has some extra abilities that we are just finding out about. Jeremy stays to watch Bobo and then we cut to another scene with WayHaught and the baby and a helicopter approaching. They’re in a clearing.

Guess who gets out of the helicopter? Perry! And he actually brought a wet nurse! Omg. And then…DOC gets to see the baby. Daddy Doc, you guys.

Oh, and guess who’s waiting on the baby? AUNT GUS!!!!!

Wynonna and Dolls back in town get to see the helicopter pass overhead, so they know the baby got out. And then we see Doc at the well, where Bobo is. And Doc points out that Bobo is not Waverly’s father. Bobo retorts that he never said he was. Only that they’re kin. Bobo says he’s been in hell, what’s a well to him? And y’know what? Doc was in hell, too. He’s got burns on his wrists and he says when Dolls shot him, that’s where he went (remember how he told Wynonna “up there” is so great in an earlier scene? He was trying to ease her way…omg). Bobo points out that deep down, Doc has always been one of us (like the Revenants). Then he says that Wyatt buggered them both. Doc covers the well with wood, which Bobo can’t move. He can only move metal. Bobo says that his master is coming, and there will be a reckoning.

Wynonna was waiting for Doc to do that Bobo in the well thing, and they’re sitting together outside and talking and it’s so sad but also really moving, the way they interact. This is one of those scenes, you guys, where so much is said in body language between the words. Doc asks if Wynonna gave their daughter a name. And Wynonna says her first name is Alice, after Doc’s mom. His reaction:

Crying my own self.

The baby’s middle name is Michelle, after Wynonna’s mom.

Important — Wynonna makes a weird comment, here, in response to Doc’s comment about how it’s a fitting tribute to those who have left. Wynonna says, “left, yes. But Mama Earp is still waiting.”

Keep that in your mind for now.

And let us have more feelz over this Wynonna/Doc moment:

And let us ponder this, how entwined Doc is with the Earp family and legacy. He actually fathered an Earp heir. That’s some serious shit, there.

We are now in the last scenes, which includes a woman’s voiceover: “There are men, Wynonna. Mean as a rattlesnake, cornered at dusk…” and we see Wynonna leaving the city limits on her motorcycle (which is, of course super hot). Back to Purgatory, the voiceover continues, and we see Jeremy and Waves and Dolls laughing while a song plays in the background.

By the way, excellent job, WE production team, for weaving this song in with the voiceover and camera work.

“And there are demons…sweet as clover honey” and the camera is on Dolls. Then we cut to Nicole in her police car and she has a manila envelope with some papers and a yellow sticky now that says, “Here you go. Always love you. –Shae.”

Divorce papers, since Waverly asked Nicole about a divorce when she took the baby across the line. Which opens a whole lotta possibility for WayHaught…

Voiceover: “And then there’s him…”

And Nicole opens a file labeled “Cult of Bulshar.” It’s got photos (one with a bunch of bodies strewn around) and other file-like things and Nicole takes the ring out of her jacket — remember the ring that fell off GoT Mercedes in the street? I figured Nicole was gonna snag it. And the camera work seems to indicate that Dolls is looking at Nicole and he gives her a little nod as she approaches and she looks at him like they’re sharing a secret. Uh-oh. We know what secrets do to our family, here…

But let’s have some WayHaught anyway:

And the last scene…wow. What a freaking jaw-dropper, y’all. Wynonna is out in the mountains somewhere and she gets off her bike and…

voiceover: “I told you he was real. I never stopped believing. But he will rise. And when he does, you’ll believe it, too.”

The camera pans to a woman sitting looking over a river and Wynonna joins her:

Who is this woman? Wynonna says, as if in answer to the voiceover, “Fine. You were right. Bulshar’s back. Now what do we do about it?” So clearly, there’s a history here. And then, the kicker…Wynonna says, “Mama.”





I…what just…MAMA???????? And clearly, Wynonna has known she’s been around this whole time. Somehow, she contacted her. OMG.

So let’s review the things we learned in this finale:

  • There was a WyHaught plan to get the baby out of the Ghost River Triangle after its birth (when did this come about?).
  • Jeremy was in a car accident when he was 11 and he’s full of metal, but the accident has clearly given him extra abilities, and we learn that BBD recruited them because of said abilities. We’re not quite sure what they are, yet, but it appears some have to do with telepathy.
  • Doc and Wynonna were pretty willing to kill each other rather than give the baby to the Widows/Bulshar/Revenants, which was either an amazing display of trust that these two people who have trouble doing that exhibited or incredibly stupid. My jury’s out on that.
  • Wynonna’s vision quest helped her realize that Waverly may not be full Earp genetically, but by GAWD she’s full Earp spiritually and emotionally.
  • Wynonna was able to trigger Peacemaker without touching it, but it glowed blue for Waves. What kind of power does Waves have? So, though Peacemaker fired, it didn’t kill or physically hurt Rosita, but it made her…I don’t know. Think? Reconsider? And then she left. I’m still thinking Waves has got some kind of power. Also, she and the baby can leave the GR Triangle, so Doc is the dad (not that asshole Rev) and Waves is not Revenant.
  • Bobo reveals that no, he’s not Waves’ dad, but they’re “kin.” Not sure what that means, yet.
  • Clootie is Bulshar, and Bulshar has a history of some kind of cult. Still putting pieces together on that one.
  • Doc was in hell after Dolls shot him in the alt-universe and he died. Bobo points out that Doc is more one of “us” than he thought and he also tells him that Wyatt buggered them both. There might be something playing out in S3 about that. We’ll have to see.
  • Rosita’s bad turn. I’m not understanding it. Was it really because of Doc? She literally lost her shit because she was jealous of Wynonna? She said the baby is “currency,” so I’m guessing what really drove her is she thought maybe she could literally make a deal with the Devil (Bulshar) and stop being a Revenant. After all, she seems to have been collateral damage with the Earp curse.
  • What’s the deal with Perry and Aunt Gus? Where are they? Do we get to watch this kid grow a bit? That would be interesting. Great plotline! Then again, if Wy can break the curse, the baby can come back to Purgatory? Maybe?
  • Nicole and Dolls have some kind of understanding going on and I’m thinking it’s about Bulshar and the ring. But again, these are secrets not being shared, and I worry about it in our little family, here.
  • Mama. Why did she leave the family? Something’s hinky there. Also, Emily Andras would really love to have Lucy Lawless play her in S3. OMG MY WIG JUST FLEW OFF AT THAT THOUGHT.
  • Does Waverly know about Mama, maybe? Because earlier this season she said that “the tentacle” told her things. You know, when she was Gooverly. If not, what else might the tentacle have told her?
  • Also, did Dolls seriously fry the Order/Nachoboys?

And let me leave y’all with a few thoughts of my own. The character arcs of everybody in this show since S1 have been amazing. We’ve seen how Wynonna’s influence (and, I would argue, Waverly’s) has softened both Doc and Dolls to the point that both of them, basically, were acting like baby daddies. We’ve seen the group expand their weird little family to include Nicole and Jeremy (and yeah, even Nedley), as well, and I love watching the ways that different characters interact with each other within the larger context of their weird little family.

I think THAT is what makes this show, are the bonds between the characters and the angst and beauty that comes with being human even when you’re not. I love how this show explores all of that through the paranormal genre, and leaves us all feeling that much more human when we watch it.

Thank you, to the cast, crew, and Emily Andras for bringing this to light. Thank you SyFy, for another great season and thanks for being on board with a third. And thanks to all the Earpers who are part of this weird family we’ve all kind of fallen into and built. It’s a shitshow, but dammit, it’s OUR shitshow.

Until next time, y’all. Keep it real.

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