Get your Boots and Hat! Audiobook now available! AND GIVEAWAY OMG


Women and Words

Hi, friends!

So, I’ve had this thing going on for the past few months. I’ve kept it under my hat (see what I did there) because I’ve been nervous about it and I’m kinda superstitious about some things, so I keep ’em under wraps until I feel like it’s time to talk about them.

It’s time.

I’ve been working with Audible to make two of my books available in audiobook.

And Audible just notified me that my novella, From the Boots Up and the sequel novel, From the Hat Down, are now available AS AN AUDIOBOOK! WOOO!

I AM SO STOKED! I totes did a happy dance (and I’ll probably do a few more) and now, I’m passing this info on to you.

They’re a twofer, y’all. That means you buy it and you get both. Or, if you’re an Audible subscriber, you’re gonna get both of these…

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3 thoughts on “Get your Boots and Hat! Audiobook now available! AND GIVEAWAY OMG

  1. Hi, I just got these with a credit. Thank you but it’s a first time for me with these characters. Looking forward to hearing these books and leaving a review. Regards Mandy Hamilton Winger

  2. Now! I can ask you about the audiobook experience ?? (just kidding … we don’t really need to revisit my previous embarrassment)

    Just picked up the recording by the way. Thanks for keeping up represented and entertained. ________________________________

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