Can you relate?

I might officially be an anachronism.

I’m still using a flip phone, and I don’t use it to access the web. I actually dial people’s numbers and TALK to them. Oh, sure, I’ll text as well and send a few photos. But I mostly use it to TALK.

I’m Gen X, which means I’m an immigrant to the digital world. I grew up without the interwebs, without voicemail (or answering machines), without cable, without cell phones, and without DVDs. VHS came along in the late 70s/early 80s, but most of us saw movies at the theater when they were released. (Oh, want more info about how primitive and weird things were for my generation? Here.)

I spent most of my summers outdoors with friends, or we got together at each other’s houses. We’d call each other on landlines and if nobody answered, we figured he or she was busy and we’d call back later. Or, if they did have answering machines, we’d leave a message. Eventually, we’d catch up with each other. No big deal if it took a few hours. Or a day or two. We all had other things to do. We’d meet up at various hangouts and get caught up on rumors, gossip, and plans for the upcoming days.

Point being, we TALKED. Face-to-face and on the phone.

That, I think, is becoming a lost art.

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Sunday readin’ and ruminatin’ tip

Hi, folks–

As some of you know, I already suggested unplugging yourself from technology (read that here) and yes, I am fully aware of the irony of me telling you these things while I’m online writing this blog. 8)

I do think, though, that it’s important to get away from all the crap that’s online these day. Sock puppets, trolls, freaks, assorted conspiracies, rampant unhealthy consumerism…it’s not good for us as individuals or societies. Currently, there’s a troll-fest going on over on one of the Facebook pages I “liked” and I can’t help but wonder whether the asshats who are trolling would say the things to people in real life that they’re posting online.

In some ways, I think not, but even saying these things online tells me something about the kinds of people they are. And these are some vile, hateful things that these trolls/sock puppets are saying. If they are, in fact, the types of people who would say those things to someone’s face as well as online, then clearly they are not the kinds of people we need in our lives. Healthy, happy people don’t feel the need to say the kinds of things these people are saying, whether online or in real life. And if we are to maintain a healthy, happy outlook, then we need to remind ourselves that words do have power, and everything we say is a reflection of who we are as people, whether in real life or online.

Which brings me to author Richard Louv. Read on to find out why I recommend you read this guy.

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