Tuesday Writing Prompt

Hi, all–

Whew. Hope your T-Day was awesome (if you celebrate it — if not, hope your weekend was awesome). I was on the road enjoying some groovy sights n’ sounds but here I am! Back again!

Anyway, I think you need a writing prompt. Try this one, from Writer’s Digest:

A close friend asks you to help him kill his wife and, to his surprise, you agree without hesitation—not because you particularly dislike his wife, but because she’s the only person who knows this one deep, dark secret that could ruin your life forever. Write about how you confront her and how the murder plays out.
Source: Writer’s Digest

A little on the macabre side, yes? Some of you, I’m sure, will dig that. And speaking of macabre, how about 10 ingenious ways to get rid of a body, from 10 different movies? That might help you…um…”flesh out” your scene that the prompt above provides. 😀 And if you just wanna find out about some horror books and news from the horror genre, try Greg at the Undead Rat. He’s always got great info about books and writing in horror. He’ll steer you to places you never thought you’d go. MUAH HA HA!!!

Now if that doesn’t say holidays, I don’t know what does. hee hee!

Okay, kids. More later this week. Take care and happy writing!

Weather or not: Writing Prompt!

Hi, kids!

Well, it was a crazy weekend for some of you. And the effects of Hurricane Irene may still be a problem (i.e. flooding and power outages). Regardless, glad you made it and hope you’re unscathed or at least able to fix the problem easily.

Along those lines, thought I’d give you some writing prompts/tips. I thought about this because I was worried about all the people I care about who were in the path of Irene, and I got to thinking about how climate and weather can determine what we do and where we go. That got me thinking about the 1948 Humphrey Bogart film, Key Largo, in which Bogart plays a guy who goes down to Key Largo to visit a friend of his. Turns out the friend was a hotel owner, but when Bogie gets there, a gangster has taken control of the hotel. Well, you just know these two are slated for a showdown and the catalyst turns out to be a hurricane.

Or, more recently (though not much, if you’re a youngster), think about how a thunderstorm played a role in a pivotal scene in the 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption. Here’s the scene, when character Andy (played by Tim Robbins) makes his escape. You’ll see the role the weather starts to plays at around 1.00 (and not just creepy, tense atmosphere).


And that, in turn, got me thinking about writing prompts.This one, I’ve found, is particularly good if you’re having some trouble coming up with ideas or you just want to work on your powers of description.

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