Day of the Dead is RELEASED! And giveaway! Holy moly!

Well, peeperas y peeperos! It is officially Day of the Dead today (November 2; if possible, go catch a festival/procession) and I have the WINNERS! Yes, you’ll notice the plural. I just LURRRRV drawing extra winners, ermahgerd! So the following people have won a signed print copy:

Dora B

And don’t worry. I have a tendency to give books away at other giveaways, too. I just love sharing the luuuuuuuv. 🙂

Also, if you see your name on this list and you have not received an email from me, check your spam filter.

Thanks, everyone, for coming by and commenting and thank you so much for your patience on this one. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your ridealong with Chris and the NM posse.

Hi, kids! JUST IN TIME for Día de los Muertos AND Halloween!

The latest New Mexico mystery, starring Albuquerque detective Chris Gutierrez is available in print and ebook. More venues to follow, so don’t worry, my pretties. They’ll be all over soon enough.

You want a signed print copy? Well, howsabout you leave me a comment on this blog? When you fill out the contact form, make sure you use a working email address. Don’t worry. That address won’t show up in the comment. DON’T post your email in the body of the comment. I’m trying to save you from evil spam-bots, which I’m sure look just like those creepy metal spider things that get into your belly button like in The Matrix.

I’ll do the drawing at 12 PM EST November 2 (that there is the actual Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day). I’ll post the winner’s name on this blog, at the top. I notify within 30 minutes of drawing the winner, so if you’re the winner posted here and you haven’t heard from me, check your spam filter.

DoD cover

Happy Halloween and good luck!

Oh, and don’t flip out if your comment doesn’t appear right away. If you haven’t commented here before, I have to approve it. Part of my anti-spam measures (I’m saving you from THE MATRIX, people!). There’ll be a lag in the evenings (US time), since I, you know, sleep. But I’ll get you in once I’m up and functional on the mornings. Thanks.

Left Coast Lesbian (Fiction) Conference & other stuff

Hi, all —

If you’re in the Palm Springs, California area and you’re interested in lesbian fiction and writing/reading, you might want to check this event out.

The Facebook page link is HERE.

There are panel discussions and presentations on lesbian-centric fiction, writing, editing, and publishing. Plus, lots of entertainment and fabulousness (full disclosure — I’m one of the keynote speakers). Thriller author Amanda Kyle Williams is a special guest speaker. And how about the opening reception? Check this out. Guess I’d better drag out the evening gown…heh.

Some more info can be found HERE.

I’ll be on the road mid-week for Palm Springs, and then I’ll do an update when I’m back.

In other news, the Golden Crown Literary Society has started taking nominations for awards. Information HERE. Your deadline to get fees and nominations in is JANUARY 21, 2014. For our overseas friends, 21/1/2014. 😀

In still other news, my fourth NM mystery, Day of the Dead, is slated for release in November.
DoD cover

I’ll be posting an excerpt as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s a synopsis:

When a man is shot to death in his house near Albuquerque’s Old Town, homicide detective Chris Gutierrez is called to the scene with fellow detective Dale Harper to investigate. They soon discover that the murder victim may have been involved in human trafficking over the Mexican border, and that he may have attracted enemies in an underground network with its own code of honor. Did someone in that network kill him? Or did his past finally catch up with him? As Chris works to find answers, she also draws the attention of a local anti-immigrant blogger who will go to any length to post damaging and personal information about Albuquerque law enforcement officers, and she knows that her partner, prosecutor Dayna Carson, will be part of that campaign if the blogger discovers their relationship. She has to find a way to watch her back and keep Dayna and her friends and family safe from the blogger’s large audience and prying eyes, even as he dogs her every move.

From Albuquerque to El Paso, Chris is on the trail of a killer who seems to be able to disappear into the cultures on either side of the border, like a ghost or desert wind. Those along the border protect their own, Chris knows, but she has a job to do, even as she draws closer and realizes that sometimes, things aren’t what they seem.

Y’all have a fabulous rest of the day and happy reading, happy writing!

Edge of Rebellion available on Kindle

Hi, peeps!

If you’re a Kindle type, you can get a copy of The Edge of Rebellion as we speak.


More venues to come (I’ll keep you posted!) and there will be print copies available at the upcoming GCLS conference if you’re going and print’s your thing.


Commander Kai Tinsdale knows something’s afoot when she receives orders to post to the military base Koto on the virtually impassable jungle planet Hanzey. Rumors of rebellion against the Coalition are spreading across the quadrants, and the threat of war makes Kai all the more suspicious about her assignment. What does Major Tinniset Vic, the ranking officer at Koto, want with Kai? How might the decade-old destruction of a Hanzien city pertain to Kai’s new posting?

The only person she trusts, former Academy bunkmate turned trader Torri Rendego, is running merchant routes in other quadrants and may be facing her own problems in the growing rebellion. So Kai must play the hand she’s dealt in a high-stakes game of intrigue and revenge where Major Vic holds all the cards and where a gamble could unleash a war all its own on Hanzey.

EXCERPT! and a review, if you’re interested.

Happy reading (hopefully), and happy writing. Oh, and happy Thursday!

From the Boots Up is now available on Kindle

And…we’re off, people!

Amazon was kind of awesome last night and got my latest novella loaded pretty quickly. Thanks, Amazon! That would be From the Boots Up, and you can go see what’s up with it at the handy-dandy linkie below:

From the Boots Up on Kindle

I’m always excited about new releases, but I’m also kind of angst-ridden. I blogged about that over at Women and Words yesterday, if you want to get inside a writer’s brain when it comes to new releases and writer angst (speaking for myself). But I am really stoked about this release. I’ve spent a long time with these characters, and I’m hoping you enjoy their company as much as I have.

From the Boots Up WEBSITE USE
[cover by Melody Simmons]

Happy Saturday!