Andi’s 10 reasons you should totally go to writing conferences

Hi, all!

Holy outta control calendars, Batman! It’s been a crazy two weeks but here I am with some MOAR TIPS!

As some of you know, I attended the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference in New Orleans toward the end of July. I try to go every year (though I have missed a couple since I started publishing) because literary/writing conferences provide invaluable opportunities for both writers and readers.

For those of you who are writers just starting out, make the time and save the money to attend at least one conference a year. Gatherings like that are invaluable aspects of your writing career. For those of you who have been at this a while, you might already know that you need to attend writing conferences. If you didn’t know that, well, here’s why:

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Super cool writing conference

Hey, kids–just some reminders and/or tips for those of you who write or just like to follow writing/writers and find out what the haps are on the various scenes.

Here’s one:

If you are so amazingly fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, NorWestCon is happening this weekend. That’s the premier sci-fi and fantasy conference up there, and this year the guest of honor is Patricia McKillup, winner of the World Fantasy Award. Also on the docket? Jim Butcher (urban fantasy/paranormal) and Shannon Butcher, who writes romantic suspense and paranormal. Workshops, authors, cool stuff.

Stuff like the Fannish Fetish Fashion show! Costumes galore. How could you NOT want to see this?

Or how about the Paranormal Fair? OMG. The Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research team will be on hand. Plus, tarot, psychics, and shamanism researchers. Something for everyone.

Here’s yer program grid.

I would LOVE to catch this conference, but sadly, it’s out of the realm of possibility this year. Regardless, if you can go, give it a look!

Happy reading, happy writing, happy conferencing!