Cool giveaway opportunity for a Kindle

Hey, all–

Debra over at Book Enthusiast Promotions is doing a sweet giveaway, in conjuction with 23 authors (yers truly included). Winner of the drawing gets a Kindle along with some other goodies, like books donated to the Kindle. There are a LAWT of entries, but what the hey? Unlike the lottery, you don’t have to pay to enter! WOOOO! It’s going on for another few days, friends.

Oh, there’s a caveat. It’s a U.S.-only drawing. 😦 Like the lottery. Sorry, overseas friends.

Info at Debra’s site.

Or go directly to Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Book Enthusiast

Here’s whazzup!

Hi, kids!

Okay, quick update time. Some of you have been wondering WTF is going on with the follow-up to my romance novella, From the Boots Up. If you haven’t read it, well it’ll only set you back a buck ninety-nine. Hope you check it out.


Well, the follow-up is a novel-length piece (long novel), and it will be available in print and ebook, and those are two very different processes. A print version requires professional typesetting and then a bunch of times through those files to make sure everything’s going to work.

I have to make sure that all the changes I requested in the print version are made in the file I’m working off of to create ebook files (different platforms require different files), so this part of the process is also time-consuming and a bunch of detail-oriented busy-work because I don’t like to do sloppy work and I don’t like to offer sloppy products. Not to suggest that other authors do. I’m not suggesting that at all. It’s just that I have a major perfectionist streak, and I can get kind of obsessive about checking and re-checking (astrologically, this is what happens when your Moon is in Virgo LOL).

All that said, I will be doing a cover/title reveal Friday the 16th, and I’ll provide a synopsis. I’m hoping to get this pup released the first week of June. Let’s hope the stars align (with the Virgo moon) for that to happen.

Also, fellow author/editor R.G. Emanuelle and I are working on a project together and we’ll be revealing that around May 22nd. So stay tuned for that. WOOO!

And I’ve been working on short stories to include in a couple of things (I’m waiting to hear about one; if it doesn’t fly, oh, well — I’ll hopefully find another home for it). AND I’ve been working here and there on the fourth in my sci fi series. New writing has kind of taken a back seat while I deal with the follow-up to Boots, which has been quite the process. Hopefully, it won’t suck. WOOO!

All rightie, all. There’s some 411 for you.

Happy weekend!

These Boots were made for readin’

From the Boots Up

Hiya, peeps!

So you may see some bloggers ’round these parts doing some From the Boots Up pimpage for me today. It’s a bit of a “book blitz,” and I’d like to thank Debra over at Book Enthusiast Promotions for helping me out. Thanks, D!

At any rate, I know. A lot of you have already read Boots. Hope you liked it.

But some of you haven’t. And if you haven’t, well, I’ve got some stuff right here that hopefully will whet your appetite to do so. AND I’m giving away a copy (it’s an ebook) through Rafflecopter. If you want in on that, here. Notice how mysteriously it’s worded:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That said, HERE’S SOME NEWS.

I’m giving those of you who have read it a Boots reminder because in a couple of months, I’ll be releasing the follow-up. That’s right, friends. More Meg and Gina, this time in a novel-length work. I’ll be unveiling the cover next month along with some other teaser stuff (hee hee) to get you all jazzed (hopefully) for it. So stay tuned for that.

Got that? The follow-up to Boots is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

So go on and check out some of the goodies I’ve posted with this here blitz to get you in the mood (hopefully). And thanks for reading.

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GCLS Writing Academy and other cool stuff

Hi, peeps —

WHEW. So I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now, and things are crazy in some respects. Had a chat with the designer for the cover of the follow-up to From the Boots Up, and we’re both kind of stoked about a particular image and we think it’s going to be awesome-sauce. Here’s hoping. 🙂

Just finished up a short story that I’m going to submit somewhere. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also working on another romance and the fourth in the Far Seek Chronicles. So I’m keeping busy. Heh.

Oh, for you lesfickers, would you like some hot n’ steamy intrigue-filled F/F reading? Then maybe check out the series Mariel Cove. You can find out all about that over at Women and Words today. One of the writers, Noel Meredith, stopped by to chat about the development of the series and how it works. Hit that link to get more info.

Also, if you’re a new or relatively new writer, heads up. The Golden Crown Literary Society (lesfic galore) conference is coming up, slated for July 2014 (here are the deets).

But what I’d like to note about the GCLS is that the organization has launched a WRITING ACADEMY. That is, a year-long intensive writing program that addresses the basic mechanics of grammar and writing structure as well as elements of writing fiction (e.g. dialogue, setting, characterization…you get the gist), what a writing life is like, and publishing. The program includes a mentoring element. Here’s some scoop from the GCLS website:

The GCLS Writing Academy is a year long program for new or relatively new writers who have at least half of a novel written and who want to learn the critical components of quality writing, plus various related topics such as researching your novel, the writer’s life, and the path to getting published.

Over the course of the year, the students ‘begin at the beginning’, covering the basics of grammar and writing, and then move on to the foundations of quality writing, research methods and sources, genre specific skills, the life of a writer, preparing to be published, and ends with a three month mentoring experience.

Sound like something that’s right up your alley? Well, hit the link and apply. Deadline is fast approaching. March 1, 2014.

If you’re accepted, you need to schedule your flight to the GCLS conference to arrive a day early for Writing Academy orientation/workshop on July 9. Read the info at the link.

Something to ponder, yes? Happy writing, happy reading, happy Friday!

Valentine’s Day stuff

Hi, all–

Hope everybody’s super-groovy.

As a little reminder, in case you haven’t read it, here’s my freebie Valentine’s Day story Floral Designs.

Author Jove Belle and I are doing a 2-hour gabfest at the Virtual Livingroom this Saturday the 15th 1 PM-3 PM EST (US time). We’ll be chatting to each other and taking questions from anyone who wants to chime in. We do have a topic we’ll be discussing (JUICY, people! JUICY!) but we’re not going to tell you what it is. We’ll spring it on yuh Saturday. Here’s the rundown of what’s up at the VLR this weekend:



Coming this weekend Saturday 15th February and Sunday 16th February from 11:00 to 21:00 EST

The following authors will be discussing ROMANCE


And DEFINITELY tune in to Women and Words on Friday, February 14th. We’ve got author Lynette Mae in the house discussing her brand new book, Rebound! Seriously. Hit that link for the trailer.

Happy Thursday!

Stuff goin’ on

Hi, all —

Hope everybody had a good Xmas (if you celebrate that) and hope everyone who does the Kwanzaa thing is having a joyous season. We’ve got a whole new year coming up (WOO!), and I hope everyone has a great one.

Just a quick note to update you all on stuff going on.

We finished the crazy mass outta-control book giveaway called the Hootenanny over at Women and Words and we have a few people who won and who we’ve contacted but who have not responded. Please check the winners (they’re posted next to each book offered on each day) and if you see your name there, check your spam filters.

Author Jon Michaelsen had me over at his blog for a Q&A. Here’s the link. And while you’re there, make sure you cruise around to see what Jon’s up to and to check out the other awesome LGBT authors he’s featured over there. You’re sure to find some stuff you’d like to read. 🙂

Also, there’s a cool gathering coming up at the Virtual Livingroom this weekend! CANADIAN lesfic authors! Sounds pretty groovy, right? Here’s the scoop:

Spot-On: “O Canada”, Jan 3-5, 2014
Lesbian Fiction by Canadian authors

Many authors of fine lesbian fiction are actually Canadians and two Canadians, author Rebecca Swartz and Kathy Brodland, will co-host with the bookgeek a weekend where we celebrate those authors. And the authors graciously offered ebooks for a give-away!

Authors participating will be:

Anne Azel (Tides, for one)
Lizz Bugg (Calli Barnow mysteries)
Sarah Ettritch (Threaded Through Time)
Joan B. Flood (New Girl)
Lois Cloarec Hart (e.g. Broken Faith)
Benny Lawrence (Shell Game)
AJ Quinn (Hostage Moon, Show of Force)
Tracey Richardson (Last Salute, among others)
Rebecca Swartz (Everything Pales in Comparison)

You can access the VLR for this fun shindig HERE.

That’s what I’ve got at the moment. In the meantime, hope your new year (if you celebrate January 1), is oh, so groovy.

Happy Saturday!

The haps!

Hiya, peeps!

Hope everybody is groovy. Remember, this Thursday begins the MASSIVE BIG-ASS CRAZY GIVEAWAY over at Women and Words! Here’s a list of authors. We’ve also got several lesfic publishing houses joining in and another publisher that does lots of LGBT stuff. So we hope you come by for that. It’s TWELVE FREAKING DAYS of nothing but book giveaways. TWELVE DAYS, people. C’mon! Join the fun!

Other stuff:

I got interviewed over at the LGBT Support and Friendship Alliance. A groovy group, so throw ’em some luv.

Oh, and my novella From the Boots Up, which was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards, scored runner-up in two categories. WOO HOO!

Best Lesbian Contemporary Romance
1. Karis Walsh – Sea Glass Inn
Runners Up:
2. Caren J. Werlinger – Neither Present Time
3. Andi Marquette – From the Boots Up <—–WOOO HOOOOO!
4. Beth Burnett – Andy's Song
5. Lynn Ames – All That Lies Within

Best Lesbian Novel
1. Catherine Ryan Hyde – Where We Belong
Runners Up:
2. R.E. Bradshaw – Out on the Panhandle
3. Karis Walsh – Sea Glass Inn
4. Caren J. Werlinger – Neither Present Time
5. Caren J. Werlinger – In This Small Spot
6. Andi Marquette – From the Boots Up <——–WOOO HOOOO!
7. Sandra Moran – Letters Never Sent
8. Beth Burnett – Andy's Song
9. Lynn Ames – All That Lies Within
10. Donna K. Ford – Healing Hearts / Andrea Bramhall – Ladyfish

CONGRATS to everybody who won and to all the runners-up! Here’s the complete list of winners.


Anyhoo, friends, I and the merry elves are getting things in order for The Hootenanny over at Women and Words, so we hope to see you soon! OH, and I’ve got another story I’ll be posting once the hoopla dies down. Look for that as a new year’s fun thing. 🙂

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Hootenanny!


[banner courtesy of Women and Words’ own awesome Jove Belle]

Hiya, peeps. Just a reminder that over at my OTHER haunt, Women and Words, we are gearing up for the massive mondo crazy outta control nutso wild major-ass book giveaway we do about this time every year. We call it…


TWELVE DAYS. Book giveaways for TWELVE FREAKING DAYS. No, I am not even close to making that up. TWELVE DAYS, people. Because we are crazy. And fun-hogs.

NOTE: we are heavily weighted toward lesfic and feminist fic across genres. Romance, erotica, mystery, thriller, sci fi, spec fic, paranormal. So if that’s not your bag, well, happy holidays anyway. If it IS, well hot damn, c’mon down and join us on December 12.

The Hootenanny is scheduled this year from December 12-23. Plenty of time to see what goodies we’ve got going on.

Here is the list of participating authors.

AND we’ve got some publishers joining us for giveaways on several days or ALL the days. Those include Bedazzled Ink Publishing, Blue Feather Books, Bold Strokes Books, Bywater Books, Cleis, Sapphire Publishing, and Ylva Publishing.

LORDIE! I’ve done got mahself a case of th’ VAY-PUHS!

So. Can we expect to see you dropping by for some Hootenannying? Hope so.

Happy upcoming week!

Day of the Dead is RELEASED! And giveaway! Holy moly!

Well, peeperas y peeperos! It is officially Day of the Dead today (November 2; if possible, go catch a festival/procession) and I have the WINNERS! Yes, you’ll notice the plural. I just LURRRRV drawing extra winners, ermahgerd! So the following people have won a signed print copy:

Dora B

And don’t worry. I have a tendency to give books away at other giveaways, too. I just love sharing the luuuuuuuv. 🙂

Also, if you see your name on this list and you have not received an email from me, check your spam filter.

Thanks, everyone, for coming by and commenting and thank you so much for your patience on this one. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your ridealong with Chris and the NM posse.

Hi, kids! JUST IN TIME for Día de los Muertos AND Halloween!

The latest New Mexico mystery, starring Albuquerque detective Chris Gutierrez is available in print and ebook. More venues to follow, so don’t worry, my pretties. They’ll be all over soon enough.

You want a signed print copy? Well, howsabout you leave me a comment on this blog? When you fill out the contact form, make sure you use a working email address. Don’t worry. That address won’t show up in the comment. DON’T post your email in the body of the comment. I’m trying to save you from evil spam-bots, which I’m sure look just like those creepy metal spider things that get into your belly button like in The Matrix.

I’ll do the drawing at 12 PM EST November 2 (that there is the actual Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day). I’ll post the winner’s name on this blog, at the top. I notify within 30 minutes of drawing the winner, so if you’re the winner posted here and you haven’t heard from me, check your spam filter.

DoD cover

Happy Halloween and good luck!

Oh, and don’t flip out if your comment doesn’t appear right away. If you haven’t commented here before, I have to approve it. Part of my anti-spam measures (I’m saving you from THE MATRIX, people!). There’ll be a lag in the evenings (US time), since I, you know, sleep. But I’ll get you in once I’m up and functional on the mornings. Thanks.